Mumbai: Honeymoon is one of the most beautiful moments for a newly married couple. Many people go on honeymoon after marriage to get to know each other and live a happy moment. But think about it, what if your day was ruined or your wife got the wrong impression during your new marriage? Then the wife will be misunderstood. Something similar happened with a newly wed couple who went to Cambodia for their honeymoon after marriage.

Now just imagine, what if during this time the boss called you back to do some important work in the office? Of course you will be very sad and your spouse will be disappointed.

A man living in the US told Reddit that he had gone to Cambodia in January this year for his honeymoon. Then he got a call from his boss from the office and he asked him to come to office one day for some urgent work. He was upset because he had just returned from a honeymoon in Cambodia. So he could not come this far even for a day.


In the Reddit post, the person wrote, ‘I just got married and went to Cambodia for honeymoon. My wife and I often didn’t get a break from work. So after a lot of efforts, we got these holidays, which were special for us. I had applied for leave on January 1, which was approved by the boss the very next day.

The person further wrote, ‘But despite this, my boss is now asking me to attend the pitch meeting of the client on the third day of the honeymoon. The boss told her that this meeting was very important and she only needed me for one day. I replied that it is my honeymoon time and I cannot come there under any circumstances. “It’s just a matter of days and if I don’t come for this important meeting, he won’t be able to move forward with me as a team,” the boss said.


After talking to the wife on the whole matter, now the man is caught in two tough decisions. She fears that either the boss will remove her or she will have to re-plan her honeymoon. But on the other hand when he asks his wife about this his wife thinks why we got married because of all this. Of course she was very angry.

But now this person must be completely caught up in two important things, wife and job. It is not yet known what he will do after leaving office. But no matter what, no one should ever have that time again.