Healthy Weight Loss Drink: If you’re trying to lose weight, but can’t find time for the gym and exercise, don’t worry. Today we will tell you about a home drink which is not only help in weight loss would rather detoxify the body Will do Let us tell you how this drink is made and drunk.

so you need

  • Fennel – 1 tbsp
  • Water – 1 glass
  • HabaƱero pepper
  • honey
  • Ginger
healthy weight loss drink
healthy weight loss drink

how to make tea

  • Soak 1 teaspoon fennel in 1 glass of water before sleeping at night. Leave it overnight.
  • Boil it with water in the morning. When it boils, reduce the gas. Add some ginger and black pepper.
  • When the tea is reduced to half, strain this drink in a glass. When the tea becomes good, add honey to it and drink it. If you want, you can also use jaggery instead of honey.

how to drink tea Start drinking this drink 30 minutes before breakfast. This will also reduce weight and get rid of the toxins present in the body. At the same time, this drink will make your face glow.

healthy weight loss drink
healthy weight loss drink

Why is this drink useful? Fennel helps in preventing acidity, gas, abdominal pain and indigestion and helps in keeping the digestive system healthy. Along with this, this drink also helps in increasing metabolism, which helps a lot in weight loss.

keep these things in mind

  • Along with drinking, take special care of food and drink. Avoid junk, processed food as much as possible. Also eat healthy food.
  • Also, avoid outside food and sweets. Reduce salt intake as much as possible.
  • Eat more fiber-rich fruits and vegetables.
  • If you cannot go to the gym to lose weight, then resort to walking and yoga. Also, walk for at least 15 minutes after having a meal.