Aravali : The villagers of Navagam, New Venpur village of Bhiloda taluka of Aravalli district are troubled by the problem of water. Women are forced to walk for two kilometers due to lack of water in the taps installed by the government under the water supply and Nal Jal Yojana. Even in the midst of development, people are running for water.


On the one hand, where the hot summer has started. With the heat wave reaching 40 degree Celsius, villagers in the hinterland of Aravalli district are worried about the water problem. It is being claimed that 24 thousand connections have been given by the district administration in the entire district. In habit, the reality of the ground appears to be something else. Navagam of Bhiloda taluka of the district, of New Venpur where a population of 3 thousand lives. Millions of years ago, water tanks have been constructed in the village under the water supply scheme and Vasmo’s water supply scheme, and tap connections have also been provided in the houses, but due to lack, these connections have become like ornamental knots. Of water. There is rust in the taps installed at various places in the village. Due to which the villagers are suffering without water.


The housewives who do not have water in the village, they have to wander for water since morning. After returning to two or three places, if there is a shortage of water at any place, then sometimes one has to return with an empty bed. The housewives are forced to leave their jobs and wander far and wide for water. Sometimes there is internal discord between women over the supply of water, even the animals are unable to get drinking water. Demanded to provide water by arranging water through the system.