Valsad: Since the beginning of summer, water problem has arisen in Kaprada taluka, which is considered as Cherrapunji of the state. Many villagers have to wander in the forests and mountains for hours to get drinking water, but how can the women of the native Falia village of Ghotwal village in Kaprada taluka risk their lives for drinking water.


With the onset of summer, many areas of the state are facing the problem of drinking water. Kaprada taluka, which is considered as the Cherrapunji of the state, is also not untouched by the sprinkling of drinking water. Kaprada Taluka receives an average of over 125 inches of rainfall in monsoon. However, this region, which receives the highest rainfall in the state, also faces the problem of water in summer. Therefore the people of this region have to wander in the forest and hilly areas for some water. At that time, the people of Ghotwal village at the end of Kaprada taluka, a hilly area in the hinterland of the district, are also suffering from the problem of drinking water. The special thing is that more than one thousand people of the village live in this original phaliya.


However, in this hilly area, the only source of drinking water for the people of this Phalia is a hand pump from a well. People depend on wells and hand pumps for drinking water. But even in summer the water level keeps going down. Only a small amount of water is available. Therefore, women have to wake up early in the morning and walk a kilometer away from this bean in the forest and hilly area. Presently the water level of the well has also gone down. In such a situation, to get water from the well, women and people have to risk their lives to get down in the well. After landing at the bottom of the well, the water in the bowl is pumped out of the well. Then you get water in your luck. Thus women have to risk their lives to get a bed of water. Therefore, for years, people have been demanding that the government should arrange drinking water as soon as possible to solve this problem.

It’s over. Considered as the Cherrapunji region of the state, this region receives the highest rainfall in comparison to other parts of the monsoon season. state. But the bitter truth is that even in Kapra taluka, which receives the most rainfall, there is a problem of water in summer. This problem is not of one or two villages, but of many inner villages of this hilly area. People have to wander for hours in the forests and hilly areas for water boats.


Kaprada Taluka is the constituency of Narmada Kalpsar and Water Supply Minister Jitubhai Choudhary. He has raised the issue of water in the area with the government many times before. However, now that he is the water supply minister, he is acknowledging the problem of water in the area. The Water Supply Minister has said that this problem will end after the completion of the Astol water supply scheme, which is taking shape to solve the drinking water problem of the region.