Central government regarding the construction of metro car shed has Maharashtra Wrote letter to Govt. The Center has advised that Metro car sheds should be built around Kanjurmarg or elsewhere. simultaneously central government It has expressed apprehension that there may be a problem in the regular operating period, signaling system in the metro line. Central to state government metro car shed for planning their alternate location at Kanjurmarg. Sunil Kumar, Additional Secretary, Housing and Urban Affairs, says that the Aarey land for the depot is a suitable option for a Metro car shed considering the technical issues.

He said that Aarey has enough to meet the present and transport needs by the year 2055. He said that on this ground it would not be a prudent decision to shift the shed space to Kanjurmarg at this stage of the project. He said that now the project is in the critical stage of completion, so the transfer is not justified. The Center has expressed concern that the regular operating period in the Metro line may cause problems in the signaling system.

‘Many cases on Kanjurmarg’s land’

The letter to the state states that the state’s plan for their alternate location at Kanjurmarg is indeed wrong. The central government has said that there is no problem in the land of Aarey. While many cases are going on on the land of Kanjurmarg. In a letter to the state, the Center said that the legal challenges of setting up the depot in Aarey, mainly on environmental concerns, have already been decided by the High Courts, including the Supreme Court. There is no obstacle here. The central government has also mentioned the delay in the construction of the metro car shed. He said that the work should be expedited.