Delhi on social media And there is a dispute between the education ministers of Gujarat over the education model. This controversy has taken a new turn. Delhi Education Minister Manish Sisodia has Has announced that he will go to Gujarat to see the education model and schools there. Manish Sisodia said this in a press conference on Friday. The Education Minister of Delhi said that two days ago, the Education Minister of Gujarat had issued a statement saying that “those who need education of Gujarat Arrangement Don’t like it, they should go to Delhi.”

Now Manish Sisodia has said that his statement is arrogant. He tweeted about it, which has received 4.5 lakh tweets. He said that the youth of Gujarat have reacted to his tweet. Manish Sisodia further said that he wanted to ask the Education Minister of Gujarat, what is his attitude towards education? Manish Sisodia ridiculed that he will go to Gujarat on Monday and visit the school in Gujarat. He wants the BJP to do something in the field of education during its 27 years of rule.

You are dreaming of winning Gujarat

These days the political mercury has gone up due to the Gujarat Assembly elections. BJP is in power in Gujarat for the last 27 years. Aam Aadmi Party, which is dreaming of winning Gujarat by winning Punjab, does not want to leave any stone unturned. That is why the politics of impeachment continues. These days AAP is fully active in Gujarat and does not leave a single opportunity to target BJP.

Manish Sisodia will see school in Gujarat

In this way, big leaders of the Aam Aadmi Party are constantly visiting Gujarat. Recently, CM Kejriwal made a triangular tour of Ahmedabad. During this, Punjab CM Bhagwant Mann was also present with him. Kejriwal also targeted the BJP and placed his plans in front of the people there. Now Manish Sisodia has announced that he will visit the schools of Gujarat on Monday.