Raipur (Chhattisgarh): Hemchandra Jangde was curious to know about the contribution of his father Reshamlal Jangde and his style of working through research work as he wanted to inform the society about his father’s achievements. Reshamlal Jangde who was a freedom fighter became a Member of Parliament (MP) at the time of the formation of the first house in independent India.

What inspired him to do research work on his father, Hemchandra Jangde replied, “When my father died in 2014, I was curious to know about his contribution to the society. My father had worked tirelessly for the downtrodden and oppressed classes at the local level as well. as the state level. So, I wanted to bring his contribution as an MP and as a political figure in the public domain.”

Your Ph.D. Talking about the duration. And how long will it take to complete the thesis, Hemchandra Jangde said that he started working on the subject in 2016 and in between he became a member of the State Scheduled Tribes Commission. Due to social and political engagement, the project was interrupted. “Then, I went to Delhi to inquire about my father’s works and his writings from the Parliament Library, New Delhi. Also, I consulted the Chhattisgarh Vidhan Sabha Secretariat. During COVID-19, I faced problems in getting access to the Parliament Library. Somehow, I managed,” he said.

He said, “My father had a long political tenure from 1950 to 1991 and became an MP four times. Hence, it was a challenging task to collect all the information about him in such a short span of time.”

What difference does he find between politicians of the past and those of the present generation, to which Hemchandra Jangde said, “My father worked selflessly for the people? He showed genuine concern without expecting anything from the poor and needy people. But nowadays people have become selfish and they don’t care about the society.”