GHAZIABAD, 08 April (H.S.). Rapid Rail Project is continuously gaining momentum. In this sequence, the construction work of Modi Nagar North station being built on the Delhi-Meerut route under the Regional Rapid Transit System (RRTS) has reached the next stage. All the pillars of this station have been completed and now the construction of pier arms for the concourse level of the station has started.

NCRTC spokesperson Puneet Vats said on Friday that Modi Nagar North station is a unique balanced cantilever station being constructed on a specially designed single pillar between Delhi-Meerut main road. The single pillar design has been conceptualized so that the entire station infrastructure takes up minimum ground space and provides unrestricted access to and from the main road.

He said that the entire structure and viaduct of Modi Nagar North station is based on 11 central pillars of the station, out of which pier arms for the concourse level are to be made on 7 pillars. Concourse level slab casting will be done after the construction of the pier arms. Presently 3 Pier Arms have been constructed for the Concourse Level. Simultaneously, the work of laying the segments of the viaduct is also going on. A total of 10 spans are to be built for the viaduct of the station, out of which one span has been completed. After completion of slab casting of concourse level, construction work of platform level will start here.

The construction of the concourse and platform level of this station is also being done with the help of precast technology made of primary and secondary beams, pier arms, cross arms of the station etc. NCRTC has extensively adopted precast technology to reduce inconvenience to the people during construction and timely completion of Delhi-Ghaziabad-Meerut corridor.

The Modi Nagar North station will have a length of about 215 meters, a width of about 25 meters and a height of about 16 meters from the ground, and will have three levels, the ground level, the concourse level, and the platform level. Entry and exit gates will be constructed on both sides of the main road at the ground level to provide easy and convenient access to the station from both sides of the road to the passengers.