Bhabua, 08 (H.C.). The four-day long Chhath festival ended on Friday with offerings to the rising sun in Kaimur. Ghats and localities were buzzing with Bandbaaja and Chhath Geet. Some devotees had reached the ghat while worshiping. The members of the family had reached the ghat with a dala-dura on their heads.

During this, the songs of Chhathi Maiya continued to resonate at the ghat. The devotees duly worshiped Lord Sun by offering arghya on the rise of the Sun with devotion. Vrati Traditional Chhath Songs Marbau Re Sugwa Dhanush Se, Chala Chhathi Mai Ke Ghat, Hey Chhathi Mai, Hey Chhathi Mai, Hum Hai Ihaan Pardes Mein, Kanch Hi Bamboo Ke Bahangiya, Bahangi Lachkat Jaye..Hokh Na Surajdev Sahay…, Deliver Bahangi Ghat …, Baba Kanche Kanche Banswa Katai Dih Fara Farai Dih…, Patna Ke Ghatwa Par Baje Bajanwa…, Kelwa Je Farele reached the Ghats singing songs like Ghavad Se Oh Par Suga Madrae.

A large number of family members, relatives, neighbors, friends gathered along with fasting women and men at Chhath Ghats built on various reservoirs, rivers and ponds including Brahmachari Pokhara of the city.