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Have you recently traveled by train and plane? If you have traveled by both then you must have felt some big changes which are visible in the aviation sector of our country. What is happening is that more passengers are seen at airports than railway stations. You may leave someday from Indira Gandhi International Airport in the capital or leave for your destination from New Delhi Railway Station. Believe me you will find more crowd and chaos at Indira Gandhi International Airport. Hundreds of thousands of people are coming and going from here all the time. Every five minutes there is a flight coming and going. Rarely does the movement of trains happen at New Delhi Railway Station at such a speed.

The purpose of giving examples of these two places is because they both have their own distinct place. While Indira Gandhi International Airport has the status of the third busiest airport in the world, New Delhi Railway Station is considered to be the most earning railway station of the Railway Department. It is also the main railway station of the country.

Actually, the rapid development of the country’s aviation sector gives many indications. Investments in this sector are believed to have an economic multiplier of 3.1 and an employment multiplier of 6.1. This means an investment of Re 1 in the aviation sector adds Rs 3.1 to the economy in the long run, and creates 6.1 indirect jobs for every direct employment. The aviation sector is one of the largest employment and output generating sectors in the world. In a country like India, where every year the entire army of educated youth becomes ready for employment, the development and expansion of the aviation sector is essential. You can go from Delhi to Banaras and from Mumbai to Leh airport and see how many people are doing different types of work in them. Women are also doing a lot of work in these. That is, this sector is also making women self-reliant.

Look, India is the fastest growing aviation sector market in the world. The number of airports in the country has increased from 74 in 2013-14 to around 140. This number is likely to reach 220 by 2024-25. There were 400 aircraft in the country in 2013-14 and now this number has increased to over 700. The government intends to have more than 100 aircraft inducted every year. The focus of the government is on regional connectivity with the provision of last mile connectivity. In the country, now the wearer of slippers has also started traveling in an airplane. This indicates the success of this sector.

Very positive changes are being seen in this entire sector. The way the aircraft fleet is expanding in India, it is expected that soon there will be about 2000 commercial aircraft in the sky in the country. For example, 15% of the total pilots in India are female pilots, which is three times the global average. Is this a minor achievement? About 5 percent of pilots in the world are women. But, the number of women pilots in India is high. Some time ago the government told in the Rajya Sabha that out of 17,726 registered pilots, the number of women pilots is 2764.

Did anyone think till a few years ago that even in Darbhanga, Bihar, planes would come and go? Actually, now airplanes are not coming only to big and special cities. Now small and medium cities, which are considered as tier two and three cities, have also become airports. There is a crowd of passengers inside and outside the airports. All these are coming and going from country and abroad. It looks like a railway station. Believe me Chandigarh. Even in the airports of cities like Patna, Trichy, Nagpur, Lucknow, Amritsar, there is no place to keep sesame. Even from all these places, people are going out to visit Dubai, Europe, South-East Asia etc., while some are going to other countries in connection with business.

30 percent of the people going out of India go only for roaming. According to an estimate, by the year 2025, 15 million Indians will start going out of the country for sightseeing every year. You will see crowds of Indians in the tourist places of Dubai, Bangkok, Singapore, London. Similarly, every year lakhs of Indians are going out of the country in connection with employment and business. Till now everything is fine. But the important people associated with the aviation sector will also have to see that the passengers coming and going to the airport do not face any kind of problem. At present, a lot of effort has to be done in order to get the security check to the boarding pass.

After the Corona period, the aviation sector in the country has started functioning as before. For almost two years, people sitting in the houses have again come out towards their destination. Due to this the congestion at airports has increased a lot as compared to earlier. It has to be seen that the passengers do not face any kind of problem at the airports or during their journey. Now foreign tourists are also coming to India. Their number will also increase. They shouldn’t have any problems either. If we can do this only then it will be considered that India’s aviation sector has started taking off in law.