Tenkasi: A woman and her lover have been arrested by the police for killing two newborn babies born out of illicit relations in Tamil Nadu’s Tenkasi. In 2018, the villagers had found a newborn dead in the pond, which was reported to the police. The village administrator Karuppasamy had lodged a complaint with the police. According to this, the police is probing who threw the child in the pool and for what purpose.

The investigation into the snail-paced incident was recently intensified following pressure from top officials. Thereafter, personnel were deployed to trace the criminals. Police is probing whether anyone has left Nochikulam and nearby villages after the incident. In the end, the police arrested one Shashi Kumar from Vallarampuram and Muthumari from Noochchikulam. On interrogation, Shashi Kumar told that it was Muthumari who had killed the newborn. He further revealed that he had killed another newborn.

Subsequently, Muthumari was questioned, who revealed that she was in an extramarital affair with Shashi Kumar and is the father of two babies. Muthumari is married to Madasamy and has a daughter and a son. Due to the dispute for the last 10 years, both are living separately. Muthumari lives in Nochchikulam with her daughter and son. It is in Nochikulam that Muthumari and Shashi Kumar developed an illicit relationship. In 2018, they had a baby boy, whom they threw in the pond when they were five days old. After disappearing from the village, they had another child in 2019, whom they killed and buried near the house where Muthumari lived and disappeared again. Both were caught by the police last week. On his revelations, the police also retrieved the second child buried near Muthumari’s house and sent him for post-mortem.