Madhya Pradesh News: Madhya Pradesh A very shameful picture has come out from Sidhi district. In which the journalists have been taken naked and taken to the police station. The police kept him in the police station wearing only underwear. Apart from this, it is also being alleged that the police deliberately made the photo viral to defame these journalists in the society. It is alleged that the ambassador gave this information to the BJP.

In the Kotwali police station of Madhya Pradesh, the police arrested the MLA. He has been accused of running news in a semi-naked manner. It is being discussed all over the country. After the matter came to light, the police station in-charge and the police sub-inspector were caught red handed. After this photo went viral on social media, now the statement of Sidhi Superintendent of Police Manoj Shrivastava has come to the fore. “We are investigating and will soon take strict action against the culprits,” he said.

What is the matter?

This case is from Madhya Pradesh. Here, the police of Chief Minister Shivraj Singh has resorted to bullying. In a picture that has gone viral on social media, the Madhya Pradesh Police has arrested a journalist who was writing news against a BJP MLA by nudging him in the police station. Most of these journalists also run their own YouTube channels. According to sources, the police of Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Shivraj Singh has resorted to bullying. In a photo that has gone viral on social media, the Madhya Pradesh Police has removed the clothes of journalists covering the news against the BJP MLA and made them stand in the police station. Senior journalist Dr Rakesh Pathak tweeted about the photo and said that all the journalists are residents of Sidhi district of Madhya Pradesh. He has written, Sidhi district police of MP has brought the journalists to the police station half-naked. One of these journalist Kanishk Tiwari’s Bagheli YouTube channel has 1.25 lakh members.



no one is naked, everyone is wearing underwear
, When asked by journalists, the police gave a direct reply, “No one is naked, everyone is wearing underwear, no one should commit suicide, this step has been taken from the point of view of security.”


What did the SP say on the whole matter?
Sidhi Superintendent of Police Manoj Shrivastava said that for the last few months, uncontrolled posts were being made on Facebook with fake IDs in the name of the son of local MLA Kedarnath Shukla. During investigation it was concluded that a person named Neeraj Kunder, who was arrested by the police, had committed the act. After the arrest, when Neeraj’s family came to know about this, they started creating ruckus outside the police station. He was accompanied by several local journalists. Most of them used to report for YouTube channels. In the confusion, the police gave many clarifications, but people did not listen. After this the police forcibly dragged the people inside and locked them in the lockup. The police tried to convince many times, but they did not listen. He was produced in the court the next morning and granted bail.

increasing attacks on journalists

Independent journalism plays an important role in any democracy, but journalism in India is going through a very difficult phase in the last few years. He was recently convicted and jailed after running a paper-footie on journalists in Ballia. Also, at the Hindu Mahapanchayat in Delhi, journalists were attacked for their religious identity and for preventing them from working. India ranks 142 in terms of freedom of the press. Also, Kerala journalist Siddiqui Kappan, who has been jailed by the UP government for the past several months, was found guilty of covering up a rape case in the state. Along with this, many journalists have been attacked many times to stop them from working in Kashmir.