face Many physical and mental problems can be cured not only by medicine and prayer, but also by warmth, acceptance and at the right time. Even in the fight against autism, Vhal and Vatsalyabhav amulets treat with patience. Herik Jariwala, 8, who lives in Gopipura area of ​​Surat and is diagnosed with autism, can give the best example of a child with autism if he is taken care of in a sensitive environment. Despite suffering from autism, Herrick’s storytelling skills, such as painting and discerning colours, are similar to those of Ishaan Awasthi, a character from the film Taare Zameen Par. 70 years old mother Gayatri has proved to be a source of inspiration for other parents by lovingly bringing up Herrick, overcoming all the struggles and obstacles of life. Herrick, a 6-year-old with autism, has been given a new lease on life by the warmth of his parents.

Gayatribehen Jariwala, who lives at her ghat with her son Herrick and husband Krunalbhai, says, “Ever since I was working, I put Herrick under the care of an acquaintance in the day care for nine months after Herrick was born. ” He felt intimate with this familiar woman in everything from her milk, food to bed. At the age of two and a half, Herrick was admitted to a pre-school, but his teacher advised us to get a psychiatric diagnosis because his behavior was different from that of other children. In 2013, a psychiatrist made a preliminary diagnosis and in one report, Herrick was diagnosed with severe symptoms of autism.

Herrick had symptoms of small talk irritability, not playing with other children of the same age, not responding in a timely manner, difficulty responding to verbal commands and gestures, insomnia, etc. Although autism was a new challenge for her, due to the general economic condition, Gayatribehan faced all the difficult situations single-handedly and tried to give a new life to Herrick. Herrick’s autism therapy was started at Sarnath Child Development Trust in the city and child friendly therapy is currently improving the behavior of the child.

“My child does not have the strength to attend social events because he has autism,” he said. Herrick also faced abuse from other family members and the children of neighbors. The child is a gift from God. It is the primary duty of the parents to accept the child as he is. I have seen the movie ‘Taare Zameen Par’, in which the story of Ishaan, who suffers from dyslexia, matches that of my child. Herrick’s determined to deal with such a situation and revive his mental development, and began various exercises to normalize Herrick at home. Features like puzzle, color block, vision board, cards as well as games are proving to be effective in getting rid of this problem. Herrick can quickly recognize several sub-colors of the same color. He has mastered the recognition of its colors.

Gayatribehn also taught other parents that the times of coronation and lockdown were also used for Harrick’s mental development, adding that parents must first accept the child’s instincts without ignoring their limitations And one should try to bring out their latent powers and not their faults. But dialogue and feedback should be given importance and full love and cooperation should be given. Only then the child will be strong enough to deal with this problem.

Autism is not a disease, but a spectrum disorder, says city-based specialist pediatrician Dr. Hina Desai. Victims are mainly babies born before 6 weeks or 1 to 2 years of age. It is very important that the parents of a child with autism start the treatment of the child at the right time. He said that for the all-round development of children, balanced diet along with home environment, sports is necessary. Mrs. Amitabh Mehta, Manager and Counsellor, Sarnath Child Development Trust, Surat said that the problem of autism can be cured if it is identified and treated by a specialist. The ‘IQ’ of the children in each school. He suggested that the test should be done.

It may be mentioned that in the last two years 4 cases of autism have been reported in Surat district. Medicines, pathology, diagnostic tests etc. are available for the treatment of children with autism and mental handicapped persons under the “Niramaya Yojana” of the state government. OPD in fix chart. Rupee. Health insurance cover up to 1 lakh is currently being availed by 12 beneficiaries suffering from mental handicap and autism. In addition, under the “Psycho-Divyang Yojana” Rs.

What is Autism? How can it be treated?
Autism is a serious neurological disorder in which the person suffering from childhood is unable to connect emotionally or socially with his family members or environment like any other child. That is, they have trouble understanding, explaining or answering others. Autism spectrum disorder affects the nervous system and all children have their own symptoms. In addition, they sometimes become so aggressive that they injure themselves.

There is usually no cure for autism, but there are several methods, such as speech therapy and motor skills therapy, that can be used to control autism. At the same time, an autistic child can lead a life like any other normal child by giving care and love. Due to unnecessary fear of being less visible in the society, most of the parents are unable to accept this kind of status of their child and start neglecting the child. So the life of an autistic child is not easy and normal, but the warmth and affection that is given to him in such difficult times proves to be very effective in healing.