Of the 742 districts in India, only 358 have government institutes that offer MBBS and BDS. Government medical facilities are still lacking in 385 districts. Hence, only 12.88% of the ‘NEET’ students in India get admission in MBBS, BDS. About one lakh students out of 87.12% students go to 45 countries. There are 1 lakh 12,074 first year seats in 927 MBBS-BDS public-private institutions in India. If you compare them to ‘neat’ passes, there is a big difference. For the 2021-22 session, 13 lakh 66,500 people gave ‘NEET’. Out of which 8 lakh 69,538 students were eligible. That is, only 12.88 percent have got admission. 1 lakh Indian students admitted abroad

  • 13.66 lakh people gave ‘NEET’ for 2021-22. 8.69 lakh characters, 1.12 lakh seats; That is, only 12.88% people have access
  • The then Finance Minister Arun Jaitley had announced ‘One District One Medical College’ in the budget. But it has not been considered so far.
  • Medical colleges in 28 districts of the state. There is not a single government medical college in 385 districts of the country.
  • Only those who get 550 marks out of 720 in ‘NEET’ get admission in India.
  • It costs one to 1.5 crore rupees to become a doctor in a private institution. It is possible to complete six years MBBS abroad in Rs 28-35 lakhs.
  • There is a question of accommodating 18,500 students from Ukraine in Indian institutions.

You can get cheap education in these countries
Ireland * Latvia * Lithuania * Malaysia * Mauritius * Moldova * Netherlands * Nigeria * Pakistan * Papua New Guinea * Romania * Russian Federation * St. Kitts and Nevis * St. Lucia * St. Vincent and the Gernadines * Eugenia * Saudi Arabia * UK * * UK * Indian students travel to Zambia for affordable education in 45 countries.

Medical education to India now A separate policy is needed for this. But the government should start medical colleges gradually. If we had a lot of institutions, we would be able to accommodate those who returned from Ukraine by taking qualifying exams. However, a certain policy for those coming from Ukraine will be decided by the Ministry of External Affairs, the Union Health Minister and the Prime Minister’s Office.