In the 7 years from 2014-15 to 2020-21, the total expenditure of the Tribal Development Department has been cut by Rs 11,383 crore. While there is a provision of Rs 62,835 crore, only Rs 51,452 crore has been spent. The surprising thing is that the remaining amount has been spent. The time has come to deprive the tribal brothers of their due money because the tribal ministers as well as the public representatives are silent on this. The promise of giving a lot of money to this department set up for the development and progress of tribals is never fulfilled. Even the entire provision is not paid. Tribal Sub Plan is in force in the state since 1994-95. It was mainly based on the principle of allocating wealth to the tribal population. The tribal population is 9.40%. According to 2011 census it is 1 crore 5 lakh 10 thousand 213. As per the recommendations of the Suktankar Committee, a major part of the funds were earmarked for minor irrigation schemes, which would directly benefit the tribals, soil and water conservation, water supply in tribal areas, roads, maternal and child care, health and economic The regeneration backlog is increasing as only the funds allocated are not being disbursed completely. Despite being deprived of benefits and alternative development to the beneficiaries, along with compassionate public representatives, the state government is not taking the required and concrete steps.

State government assurance would not be completed.
Deprived of Rs 7,184 crore, 2016-17 5,357 5,075 282 4,957 118 2017-18 6,783 6,406 377 6,162 244 2018-1989697587 1382 7274 313 2019-20 8531 7611920 833 778 20207 7415 222 Total 8,477 43,971 4506 41,293 2,678

raise voice in the legislature
The amount given to the tribals should be spent for But in reality this does not happen. Voice should be raised in the assembly. Tribal MLAs only show mercy.
– Rupesh Keer, Analyst.

Year Wise Fund Received Year Provision Expenditure Scissors 2014-15 6984 5828 1156 2015-16 7595 62591336 2016-17 7700 6653 1047 2017-189161 7478 1683 2018-19 10757 8616 212018202020 62,835 51,45211,383

from now on this amount
will be spent on various schemes. Most of that money is paid out directly. The commissioner is not aware of this. For example, DPC schemes are implemented at the collector and project level only. Construction plans are implemented by an independent construction department. Even so, owning one is still out of reach for the average person. However, further funding will be spent, he said.
Hiralal Sonawane, Commissioner, Tribal Development Department