Mumbai: Often people are seen tying black thread on hands, feet, neck or other parts of the body. Some people wear it because of faith. For those who believe that tying black thread keeps negativity away. So some people just use it as a fashion. But did you know that? this is wrong. According to astrology, it is not good for all people to wear black thread on their hands or feet as well as on their waist. Because the black thread is tied on the basis of the direction and zodiac of the planets. Therefore people of all zodiac signs should not wear black thread.

So if you are also making such a mistake, then know that according to astrology, it is inauspicious for people of which zodiac to wear black thread.

People of these two zodiac signs should not tie black thread.


It is believed that Scorpio is ruled by the planet Mars. According to religious beliefs, Mars is also called Mangal Dev. Mars is the enemy of black colour. Therefore people of this zodiac are advised not to wear black thread.



The lord of Scorpio sign Mars is the lord of Aries. Black color brings anger on Mars, so Aries people should also not tie black thread anywhere on their hands, feet or body. Not only this, it is believed that if people of this zodiac wear black thread, then the problems in life increase manifold.