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Those who have these 3 things in their hands, no one can stop them from becoming rich.


Mumbai: There are many lines on the palm of every person. They are known as palmists. Although these lines may seem normal to you, they are of great importance in palmistry. Because these lines tell your future. According to palmistry, there is a life line, heart line and head line on the palm of every human being. Also there is a special line which shows how much money you will get in your life. By joining these lines some special mark or symbols are formed. They show you your financial status. In such a situation, let us know which lines or symbols on the hand tell about your wealth.

According to palmistry, the Venus mountain of palm represents material happiness. So the Sun on the palm of the hand tells the mountain of honor and glory. Also, having a guru in hand shows leadership ability. If the position of these three mountains is good for a person, then no one can stop him from becoming rich.

According to palmistry, palm line, life line and fate line together form the English ‘M’ sign, then a person earns a lot of money in a period of 35 to 55 years.


Also, such people earn a lot of money after marriage. Apart from this, such people also make a lot of progress in job and business.

According to palmistry, the fate line in the palm of some people indicates the position of wealth. If a straight line emerges from the wrist and reaches Mount Shani, then such people suddenly gain money. Such people get more than hard work.


If a triangle is formed on the basis of life line, fate line and heart line or fate line, heart line and head line, then the person receives money from many sources.

People who have fate line on their palms and the sun goes to the mountains, they are financially fortunate. Also such people get social prestige.


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