Today is Panchang, 8 April 2022: Today is April 8th. According to Hindu calendar (Today Che Panchang 8 April 2022) Today is Friday. Today is dedicated to Maa Lakshmi. According to astrology, on Friday, she was pleased to worship Lakshmi with all her heart. All the wishes of the devotee are fulfilled. let’s know Almanac According to today’s auspicious and inauspicious moments. Also, how is the position of the planets in the horoscope…


8 April 2021 – Today’s Panchang (Today Che Panchang 8 April 2022)
Today is the time of sunrise-sunset and moonrise-moonrise…


Sunrise time: 06:04 in the morning.
Sunset time: 06:43 PM.
Moonrise time: 10:43 pm.
Moonrise time: 01:20 pm at midnight.


Ardra – 1:43 pm.

Today’s reason…
Gar – 09:49 AM.
Commercial – 11:05 pm.

Today’s Yoga
Shobhan – 10:31 am.

Today’s War: Friday

Today’s Party: Shukla Paksha

Hindu lunar date
1944 good luck

Vikram era:
2079 monster

Gujarati Samvat
2078 Pramadi

lunar month:
Chaitra – Poornima
Chaitra – Amanta

good time today

Abhijeet Muhurta: 11:59 am to 12:49 pm.
Amrit Kaal: 2:28 pm to 4:16 pm.

Today’s auspicious time

Morning: 08:36 am to 9:27 am. 12:49 PM to 1:40 PM.
Prohibited moments: 08:09 am to 9:57 am.
Stay Timings: 10:49 am to 12:24 pm.
Sahaj Timings: 07:39 am to 9:14 am.
Yamgand: 03:34 PM to 05:09 PM.