The Ashtami of Chaitra Navratri is called Durgashtami or Mahashtami. Devotees observe fast on this day. This year Chaitra Shukla Ashtami date will start from 11:05 pm on Friday 08th April and will continue till 01:23 on Saturday 09th April. Therefore, Durgashtami fast will be on 09 April.

Usually those who do not fast for the entire 9 days of Navratri, observe a fast on the first day and Durgashtami. Kanya Puja (Gorani) and Havan are also performed on this day. This year special yoga is going to be formed on Durgashtami. Therefore, this day is very auspicious for auspicious works.

Sukarma will be made on Durgashtami 2022
This year Durgashtami is becoming Sukarma Yoga. Yoga is starting from 11.25 am on 9th April. Along with this, the revival constellation will also remain throughout the day. This yoga is considered very auspicious for auspicious works.

Mahagauri is worshiped on Durgashtami ,
Goddess Mahagauri is the giver of happiness, success, wealth, food, wealth and victory. She is also considered an incarnation of Maa Annapurna. That is why it is said that there is no shortage of money and food in the life of those who are blessed.

Girls are considered to be the form of Maa Durga. Therefore, on the day of Durgashtami girls are worshiped and their blessings are taken. Maa Durga is pleased by worshiping the Goranis. For girl worship, feed kheer-puri, pudding to small girls. Offer them tilak and seek their blessings. By doing this puja one gets the blessings of Maa Durga.