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LUCKNOW, 08 APRIL (H.C.). The heat is at its peak at the beginning of April. The prices of vegetables have increased in the vegetable markets. People suffering from diseases like sugar, high blood pressure, migraine are finding it difficult to buy green vegetables because the prices of green vegetables are touching the sky.

There are enough people in Lucknow who like green vegetables. Within the city of Lucknow, the prices of green vegetables have increased two to three times in small and big mandis. If parwal is selling at Rs 120 per kg, then zucchini or zucchini is selling at Rs 100 per kg, pumpkin is selling for Rs 30 to 40 per kg. Bhindi and bitter gourd are also being sold at Rs.100 per kg.

Dr Sarvesh Singh of Balrampur Hospital said that the increase in the price of green vegetables will have a huge impact on the health of migraine, sugar patients. Most of the patients can not eat especially sugar potato or sweet vegetables and fruits. They have to eat only green vegetables.

He said that no other food item can take the place of green vegetables. Chana, Rajma, Dal can be eaten as food. But if you do not eat green vegetables, there is a decrease in energy. Cucumber, cucumber has come in the market, they can also be taken, but it is better if you get green vegetables to eat.

Anil Sonkar, a vegetable vendor in Kaiserbagh vegetable market, said that the prices of everyday vegetables have increased. Gourd, Pumpkin, Taroi are the favorite vegetables of more people. Here, their prices have increased continuously, they are not decreasing.

He told that everyday vegetables potato at Rs 16-20 per kg, tomato Rs 30 per kg, lemon Rs 240 per kg or Rs 10 per piece, capsicum Rs 100 per kg, brinjal Rs 60 per kg, garlic Rs 120 per kg and onion Rs 25 per kg. Selling from

In the past, activists of political organizations, social organizations of Lucknow have expressed their displeasure at the cost of expensive items. At present, vegetables have also been added to the group of expensive items.