content_image_5e047711-4042-4b7a-991b-3dec71067366 Mumbai: The new demand in the Mumbai oilseeds market today remained sluggish. Trade was negligible The overall decline in prices of various domestic and imported edible oils continued. The news from Saurashtra seemed to be backtracking. However, the weather in the world market was mixed. Palm oil futures in Malaysia were down 3 points today. Soy oil prices in the US were projected to be higher by 3 to 4 points.

On the Saurashtra side, singulum oil fell by Rs 150 to Rs 15 and 15 kg by Rs 20 to Rs 200, while cotton wash fell by Rs 1,310 to Rs 1,315. The price of 10 kg of Singulum oil in Mumbai’s spot market is Rs. The cost of cottonseed oil was Rs 12, that of mustard oil was Rs 150 and that of refined was Rs 1,200.

Imported oil fell by Rs 150 while crude palm oil CPO Kandla declined by Rs 150. Soya oil prices fell by Rs 150 for Digam and Rs 15 for Refined. The cost of sunflower was Rs 1,200 and that of refined was Rs 150.

Meanwhile, castor futures market price today. Futures market sources said Kyiv fell by Rs 150 to Rs 12 and at one stage, the price fell below Rs 2,000 to Rs 4 and hovered around Rs 6,000. The spot price of Mumbai castor is Rs.

In Mumbai’s flour market, sunflower flour prices rose by Rs 200 a tonne, while soymeal flour softened by Rs 200 a tonne. The cost of castor meal is Rs. However, the rest remained silent. Soyabean oil price for various deliveries in Hazira was Rs 150.

The war in Ukraine has damaged a large manufacturing unit that crushes sunflower seeds. The unit reportedly produced about 10 percent of Ukraine’s total sunflower oil production.