Anti-virus apps have robbed personal information of at least 15,000 Android users in a case of data theft. Google from time to time takes strict action against such mobile apps. Google recently banned a popular Muslim app for violating the rules. Google has also removed more than a dozen apps from its Play Store. These apps also include barcode scanner and timed apps.

According to Google, these mobile apps were stealing data from users’ phones and the Muslim Namaz app that was removed from the Play Store was downloaded more than 10 million times. Google discovered that they used a code that was secretly stealing users’ data.

list of apps went viral

The data theft of these apps came to light after a startup AppSense shared a list of apps on the internet that steal data from mobiles and users were unaware of it. EpSense is founded by some researchers.

AppCensus is an organization that basically audits mobile apps for the privacy and security of users. In his audit, he made a list of apps that were hacking phone data, a list that was later posted to the blog. A code was used to ban the apps. The code was developed by an American defense company. Code was stealing personal data, phone numbers etc from people’s computers, mobile phones, tabs etc.

App must comply with Google’s regulations

In terms of mobile data theft, Google states that all apps on the Play Store must comply with our policies. When an app does not comply with these policies, we take appropriate action on those apps. At the same time, researchers say that behind the fake apps could be a company named Measurement System registered in Panama, which hacks mobile data by creating such fake apps.