New Delhi: Petrol-diesel and domestic gas prices in India have broken the back of the Aam Aadmi Party. You will be surprised to know that India is currently selling the world’s most expensive LPG gas. At the same time, we are at third place in terms of petrol and 8th in terms of diesel.

LPG per kg is the highest in India in terms of purchasing power of Indian currency i.e. Rupee. LPG costs ₹3.5 per kg in terms of purchasing power, while 15.6 per cent of the daily income of the people is being spent on it. Such a large part of the per capita daily income is not being spent in any other country.

According to the Times of India, India is followed by Turkey, Fiji, Meldova and then Ukraine in terms of purchasing power. In Switzerland, France, Canada and the UK, the price of LPG is far below the purchasing power of the people. According to Purchasing Power Parity, the cost of one liter of petrol in India is around 1.5. In the United States, 1.5 can be bought for very little because the average income of the people there is high. Most of the goods can be bought in India for Rs 120. About 23.5 per cent of the per capita daily income is being spent on buying petrol per liter. It has two neighbors beyond India. Nepal spends 38.2 percent of its daily income on petrol, while Pakistan buys 23.8 percent.