From May or June, people from Uttar Pradesh, including the eastern region, will be able to travel to Leh-Ladakh, Jammu and Kashmir, Rajasthan, Gujarat, Kerala, Karnataka and Thiruvananthapuram in less time and at cheaper fares. Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC) has planned air travel packages from major cities of Uttar Pradesh including Gorakhpur to facilitate those who wish to visit major tourist destinations of the country. Under this scheme air connections are being developed from Delhi to Gorakhpur including Prayagraj, Varanasi, Agra, Dehradun, Bareilly and Kanpur.

Tour plan package will be ready for 24 to 30 people

There are five flights daily from Gorakhpur airport to Delhi. The number of visitors is increasing continuously. Keeping in mind the attitude of the general public towards air services, IRCTC has prepared a tour package plan from Gorakhpur. However, the dates of the tourist destinations and packages have not been finalized yet. At present, 24 to 30 people can sit in the air tour package. The passenger team will be headed by an authorized IRCTC manager.

All flights will connect to Delhi

Be it Gorakhpur or any other city in the state. All flights will be directly connected to Delhi. Flight arrangements will be made from Delhi to other cities. After landing at the nearest airport, local tours of the visitors will be completed by AC Tempo Traveller.

Accommodation will be arranged in three star hotels

Under the tour package, passengers will be accommodated in three star hotels. The package will include breakfast and dinner. Airfares continue to fluctuate. In such a situation, the fare will be decided only after the announcement of the tour package. The maximum fare for the package will be Rs 40,000 and the minimum fare will be Rs 30,000. If more than one person is booked in a family then the fare will be reduced.

Air travel package is running from Lucknow. Air travel packages are also planned from other major cities of Uttar Pradesh including Gorakhpur. Packages will be launched in one to two months. People will be able to travel to desired tourist places in less time and cost.