Mumbai: IPL is considered to be the biggest league in the world. Here new players get a chance and if they perform well then they are also given a chance to play at the international level. Lucknow’s star player Ayush Badoni’s performance in the last 3 matches has been excellent.

Ayush Badoni played the role of a brilliant finisher in 3 matches. He led the team to victory. He is also being compared to Dhoni. There is a discussion that Lucknow team like Dhoni has got a great finisher. The same Ayush Badoni reminded me of two great players together in the match against Delhi.

Dhoni was remembered when Ayush Badoni hit a six. At the same time, Ayush Badoni won the match. 22-year-old Ayush copied the style of Virat Kohli while celebrating it.


Ayush Badoni patted himself on the back. His video copying the style of Virat Kohli is going viral on social media. His antics reminded everyone of Virat Kohli’s match against Delhi in Lucknow.