Mumbai: The two enemies have finally become friends because of the IPL. They hug each other and finally both are treating each other well. Players argue on or off the cricket field. He is also seen on the battlefield but the IPL has made him an arch enemy.

The whole world knows the debate between Krunal Pandya and Deepak Hooda. Deepak Hooda accuses Krinal Panda of threatening to end his career. There was a rift between the two. Both are playing for the Lucknow team in the 15th season of IPL.

The photo of Deepak Hooda hugging Krunal while playing for the Lucknow team went viral. After three matches, Deepak Hooda’s tone has changed. He got rid of his anger about Krunal Pandya.


Deepak Hooda and Krinal Pandya have become close friends. Enemy has become friend and it has become possible in this IPL. Deepak Hooda, who plays for Lucknow, has now given a big statement on Krunal Panda.

Kunal is like my brother. Our goal is to make the team win by playing together. Deepak Hooda has given Kunal the status of brother. Earlier, Deepak Hooda had made serious allegations against Krinal Panda.

Whatever happened has happened. Hooda said, ‘Now we are playing in a team, so our target is one. Deepak and Kunal are playing together for Lucknow team in IPL.