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Yami Gautam furious after reading ‘derogatory’ in Dasvi’s review, see what the actress said


Yami Angry Dasvi Review: Bollywood actress Yami Gautam is known for her lovely smile and cheerful style. Rarely have you seen Yami Gautam in anger. But now something has happened that has made Yami angry.

Yami Angry Dasvi Review
Yami Angry Dasvi Review

Yami Gautam’s film ‘Dasveen’ has been released on 7 April. The review of this film caught Yami’s attention and after reading what was written in it, Yami got angry with Gautam. Yami Gautam played the role of a policeman in the film ‘Dasveen’. She is accompanied by Abhishek Bachchan and Nimrat Kaur in the film. Each film is reviewed by various media portals after its release. In such a situation, many media portals have also reviewed Dasvi. However, Yami got angry after seeing Gautam being insulted in a review. He expressed his displeasure by sharing a screenshot of the review. A portal has criticized her performance in the review of Yami Gautam’s film ‘Dasveen’.

Yami wrote, “Before I say anything, I would like to say that in general I am creative. Criticism I take it as development and progress. But when a platform constantly tries to bring you down, I think it’s important to raise your voice about it. Yami tweeted four times in a row. He wrote in another tweet, “My recent films and performances include ‘A Third Day’, ‘Bala’ and ‘Uri’. , Including movies like This is extremely insulting. In the next tweet, Yami wrote, “Anyone and especially a self made actress like me has to work hard for years to prove her mettle every time, but some well-known portals do this.”


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