The real love story of stars is discussed in Bollywood more than the love story shown on screen. One such love story which was very much discussed was that of Salman Khan and Aishwarya Rai. Which had a bad ending. Even today, if any news related to this couple comes, then it definitely becomes a part of the headlines. The breakup of both is counted among the worst breakups of Bollywood couples. After the breakup, both of them moved on in their life. On one hand Aishwarya Rai married Abhishek Bachchan. At the same time, after the discussion of many affairs, Salman Khan has not married yet. Even today, he is counted among the decent bachelors of Bollywood. Salman Khan never responded to Aishwarya’s allegations. However, he said some things in the interview.
Aishwarya had accused Salman of assault
The pairing of Salman Khan and Aishwarya Rai was such that everyone fell in love. Their relationship turned sour with time and the news of their breakup shook everyone. After this breakup, the breakup of both of them was very much discussed in the media. According to reports, Aishwarya had accused Salman of assault in the year 2002.
High voltage drama outside Aishwarya’s apartment
Aishwarya also said that Salman had spoken very dirty to her. He also alleged that Salman suspected that he was having an affair with his co-star. It is said that the bitterness between the two started in 2001. In late November 2001, Salman was seen doing a high voltage drama outside Aishwarya’s apartment. It was also heard that Salman got angry and kept knocking on Aishwarya’s door.
Have you ever raised a hand against a woman?
However, Salman never said anything about the allegations against him. But years later, in a conversation with a journalist, he was asked about the allegations against him. He was asked, “The most disturbing thing at that time was that you were accused of violence. It was a big story in all the film magazines of the time. Have you ever raised a hand against a woman?
‘I don’t think he can tolerate it’: Salman
Responding to this question, Salman said, ‘Yes, now that woman said that I have done it. I mean Prabhu Chawla, a journalist who asked me this question a long time ago and then I put my hand on the table. And they were amazed. If I kill someone it will be a fight. I will get angry I’ll hit him and give him my best shot. I don’t think he can handle it. So it’s not true.