MV5BZWE3OTg5ZTAtOThiYS00ODM5LWIyZmUtMWRiOTRlMGZhMTk0XkEyXkFqcGdeQXVyODE5NzE3OTE@._V1_FMjpg_UX1000_000000000000Abhishek Bacchan , Yami Gautam and Nimrat Kaur starrer , slave ‘ Netflix on April 7 (Netflix) And has been released on Jio Cinema. The story of Gangaram Chaudhary, the Chief Minister of a green state winning the legacy of politics, knocks on the door of education through politics and that too in a very funny way. Directed by Tusshar Jalota, the film stars Abhishek Bachchan in the lead role. Which will once again win your heart with its majestic style and Haryanvi language.

movie story

The story of ‘Dasvi’ is the story of Green State Chief Minister Gangaram Choudhary (Abhishek Bachchan). After being caught in the recruitment scam, the teacher is caught in the web of law. The court has sent the CM to custody pending further investigation. After reaching the custody, Gangaram Chaudhary has complete rest in jail. Because the jailer has been established by him. The twist in the story comes from the entry of new jailer Jyoti Deswal (Yami Gautam). Who is a very strict jailer. As soon as he came to the jail, the jailer stopped all the VIP treatment of CM Saheb and put him to work.

On the other hand, when the CM went to jail, his wife Bimala Devi, who was still grazing buffalo at home. Jailor Jyoti, during an argument in the jail, makes CM Gangaram Choudhary realize that she has only studied up to class VIII and is completely ignorant. Jailor Madam’s talk got stuck on Gangaram Chaudhary and from here he decided to pass 10th. The story of this film is whether CM Saheb will be able to complete his tenth year from jail after years and how this tenth part will change his life.

The story of ‘Dashmi’ can speak on a very important topic like the importance of education, but along with it the state of politics shown is commendable. The role that Abhishek Bachchan has played as a Jat leader is amazing. The best thing about this film is that there is no feeling of heaviness anywhere. The stellar performance story in Comedy Packet will keep you busy from start to finish. The story is loose at some places, but the most important thing in any film is that you will get to see the spirit of the story in this film.

Nimrat Shankar as Bimala Devi

Abhishek Bachchan has beautifully captured the style of A Politician Will Me Politics. Not only Abhishek but the two leading ladies of the film have also been strong in their respective roles. There is a special mention here of Nimrat Kaur showing negative shades in this film, but whenever she comes on screen, you will start loving her instead of hating her. Nimrat is brilliant in the character of Bimala Devi. Especially the scene of his swearing-in. Both Nimrat and Abhishek have captured the language and its style throughout the film. At the same time, whenever Yami Gautam is seen standing in front of the tall stature of CM Chaudhary, she will look weak but she has been seen giving a tremendous competition with her acting.

This is the biggest feature

The biggest feature of this film is that you do not see anything wrong here even CM Chaudhary, who is trapped in a scam. Actually, he seems to be openly accepting these scams born in the system. In this age of tremendous drama, action and super powered films, ‘Dasvi’ is a cool breeze, not an extraordinary character, but an extravaganza of an ordinary character through education.