Kiwi: Today (Friday) is the 44th day of the Russo-Ukraine War. Meanwhile, Russia reportedly attacked Ukraine’s Kramatorsk railway station, killing at least 300 people and injuring more than 100. Rescue work continues at Kramatorsk railway station.

Russia’s attacks continue
Many cities of Ukraine are still being attacked. Attacks are being done with drones or missiles. According to Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelensky, the situation in Borodyanka is worse than in Bucharest.

Many cities of Ukraine destroyed
Many cities of Ukraine have been completely destroyed in the Russian invasion and there are signs of destruction everywhere. Hostomel is a city that has been buried under rubble. Many residential areas have been destroyed by the Russian attack.

Ukraine and Russia claimed
It is reported that 18,900 Russian soldiers, 698 tanks, 1891 combat vehicles, 332 artillery, 108 large rocket systems, 55 air defense systems, 150 military aircraft and 76 fuel tanks were destroyed. It is claimed that 29 Ukrainian military bases, 10 weapons stores, 218 aircraft, 413 unmanned aerial vehicles, 227 anti-aircraft systems, 1987 tanks, 218 rocket systems, 866 mortars and 1,894 military vehicles were destroyed.

Ukraine is facing the prospect of a third world war. The Russo-Ukraine war has been over a month and a half but the situation is not looking normal. Russian troops are constantly changing their tactics and Ukrainian troops are responding. The talks do not seem to have settled the issue and there is a possibility that the war could soon turn into a world war.