It was all normal until one day for Amit Kumar from Mumbai, who was diagnosed with multicentric HCC in his liver. Her whole world was torn apart when her blood work came back with the most troubling diagnosis, they found a tumor in her liver.


For such a small and the sole breadwinner in the family, it was disastrous. As per luck, Amit was immediately directed to undergo a liver transplant. Amit’s wife decided to become his organ donor and gifted him this second phase of life.
Today, Amit has already participated in a half marathon, completed a trek to Kedarnath, Uttarakhand, where he had to live in a tent and survive at -4°C, and many more half marathons and a healthy liver. Had to trek together.


Chaitanya, on the other hand, faced the pain of almost losing his father when he was diagnosed with liver failure due to his recent COVID-19 infection. Doctors raised the alarm about his deteriorating health when a very young Chaitanya decided to become his father’s organ donor. Without a doubt, Chaitanya donated almost 70 percent of his liver to his father and managed to save his family from impending grief.


Chaitanya is a perfectly healthy young boy who has recovered from the post-op and is actively involved in various sports along with regular running exercises.

For Shivraj and Bhimraj Arekar, however, it was a different kind of family moment. Long before Shivraj’s father, Bhimraj, was diagnosed with NASH liver cirrhosis, his body was preparing itself for the misadventure that was about to kill him. If it was not for his active lifestyle and enthusiasm for travelling, trekking and cycling, Shivraj would not have helped his father to get another chance to live. Within 10-12 days after the surgery, the father-son duo fully recovered and became fit and healthy.

People like Amit, Chaitanya and Shivraj along with their father Bhimraj are true testaments of resilience and strength who can turn any adversity into opportunity. All of them are now preparing to participate in one of the most life changing events of their lives.

ORGAN India, an initiative of Parashar Foundation (NGO), is bringing these survivors together to participate in the World Transplant Games Federation, Perth in 2023. WTGF has been organizing international sporting events for transplant athletes for over 40 years and Organ India will represent us. Nations in sports by forming a team of perfect strangers, organ and tissue donors and receivers, driven by a desire to give life another chance.

ORGAN India wants to take these aspiring athletes to a bigger level and create a huge impact on the audience like other sports closely followed by the Indian community.

ORGAN India started its operations in 2013 to address the dismal situation of dead organ donation in India. Taking this as an opportunity, Organ India aims to get an organ and give awareness network in India. ORGAN India also has a long association with NOTTO (National Organ and Tissue Transplant Organisation) and is working under the aegis of NOTTO since 2016.