Sri Lanka Economic Crisis Updates: Sri Lanka (Sri Lankan economic crisis) The ongoing economic and political crisis is deepening. In such a situation, the government has started making its own plans to deal with all this. However, there is a shortage of fuel and medicines in the country, which has led to widespread protests. President Gotabaya Rajapaksa under pressure to resign after failing to deal with economic crisis is increasing. Although Sri Lanka The government has made it clear that Rajapaksa will not resign under any circumstances. In this hour of need, India has come forward to help the Sri Lankan government. India has said that it is ready to support Sri Lanka under the Neighborhood First Policy

India to supply 1.2 lakh tonnes of diesel and 40,000 tonnes of petrol to Sri Lanka in two weeks

India will deliver 120,000 tonnes of diesel and 40,000 tonnes of petrol to Sri Lanka in the next two weeks. Thus, the 500 million line of credit provided by India is expected to be exhausted. India is scheduled to send three 40,000 tonnes of diesel on April 15, 18 and 23. The same quantity of petrol will be sent on April 22.

India will continue to support Sri Lanka

India on Thursday said it is ready to continue cooperation under the Neighbor First Policy to help bring back the economic situation in Sri Lanka, which is facing severe economic crisis. As a neighbor and close friend, India is closely monitoring the evolving economic situation and other developments in Sri Lanka.

He said India has provided $2.5 billion in aid to the neighboring country in the last three months to address some of the economic problems faced by the people of Sri Lanka. The spokesman said the loan facility covers food grains and fuel and as of mid-March 270,000 metric tonnes of fuel had been supplied to Sri Lanka.