At least 30 people were killed and more than 100 were injured on Friday when two rockets struck Kromatorsk railway station in eastern Ukraine. The station was reportedly being used to evacuate residents during the Russo-Ukrainian War.

Donetsk Governor Pavarro Kyrilenko said thousands of civilians were at the station trying to reach safer areas of Ukraine when the rocket hit. Earlier, Reuters quoted the Ukrainian railway chief as saying that trains had been stopped after an airstrike on the railway line.

Ukraine said Russian troops were leaving behind a ruin as they retreated from the northern city of Ukraine. Russian troops damaged buildings. Damaged cars were scattered on the roads and common people were struggling for food and other necessities. Images released on Thursday raised further calls for Ukraine’s help in thwarting Russia’s next attack.


Dozens of people demanding bread, diapers and medicine stood outside a damaged school van serving as a relief center in Chernahiv, where Russian forces were under siege for weeks before retreating. City streets are littered with damaged buildings that have missing roofs or walls. In a classroom, the blackboard still reads the message, “Wednesday, February 23 – Class work.” The next day Russia invaded Ukraine.