Ukraine’s President Vladimir Zelensky has begun creating his own “NATO” following hopes of joining NATO amid Russian aggression. Zelensky has appealed to Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi to be the security guarantor against Russia.

Kyiv: Russia and Ukraine have been at war for the last 44 days. Despite suffering heavy losses from the deadly weapons of Western countries, the superpower Russia is not ready to give up on Ukraine. There have been several rounds of talks between Russia and Ukraine to end the war, but to no avail.

Ukraine has said it is ready to negotiate Russia’s territorial claims with one condition. Ukraine’s President Zelensky has demanded that a group of countries around the world guarantee him security against Russia. Zelensky wants to build his own ‘NATO’ for Ukraine on the lines of NATO. The President of Ukraine has appealed to the Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi, to join this security ‘shield’. Several countries, including France and Turkey, have agreed to be security guarantors. Now Ukraine’s eyes are on India. Let’s understand the whole matter.

“We thank India for its humanitarian assistance, but I want PM Modi to consider becoming a security guarantor for Ukraine,” the President of Ukraine told an Indian TV channel. If Russia violates it, the guarantors will go against it. I want a special relationship between the people and the governments of the two countries. Zelensky also reminded that India’s relations are not with Russia but with the Soviet Union. “I understand that it is difficult to maintain a balance between Russia and Ukraine,” he said.

Zelensky wants to “hunt” Russia through India

Zelensky said he wanted to hold direct talks with Russian President Vladimir Putin and that he had no preconditions. He took the name and said that he would welcome India as the security guarantor. Meanwhile, French President Emmanuel Macron has agreed to be the security guarantor at the request of Ukraine.

Ukraine wants a group of countries around the world to stand as security guarantees during Russia’s tensions, promising to provide defense if Ukraine is attacked again. Zelensky’s main goal is to make Ukraine’s security guarantors to NATO countries such as the United States, Britain, Turkey, France and Germany. Earlier, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said he was ready to be Ukraine’s security guarantor. However, China is moving away from it.

Now Zelensky tries to kill two with one stone, appealing to India to be the shield. India is the fourth largest military power in the world and can provide vital assistance to Ukraine in times of crisis. At the same time, India is one of Russia’s closest friends. India buys weapons and other equipment worth billions of dollars from Russia every year.

If India joins Ukraine, the pressure on Russia will increase. This is the reason why Zelensky wants India to be included in the group of security guarantor countries. However, it will not be easy for PM Modi to become the security guarantor of Ukraine. The reason behind this is that if there is any other war in future then who will decide whether Russia is right or Ukraine.

Zelensky wants Ukraine to become its own ‘NATO’, what will India do?

Ukraine has announced its withdrawal from US-led NATO in the wake of the Russian offensive, but has not yet abandoned its plan. According to NATO rules, if one member country is attacked by a foreign country, all countries will collectively defend it. Security analysts say Zelensky also wants the same principles as NATO from Ukraine’s security guarantors. In this way, Ukraine would have a defensive shield against Russia without joining NATO. While France and Turkey have agreed to this, America’s eyebrows have been raised. US officials are shocked. They are questioning how the agreement will be implemented. They are asking if Russia will accept it.