coalof the European Union member countries Russia Against new sanctions approved. These include restrictions on coal imports. The decision came after reports of civilian casualties surfaced in areas outside Kyiv. An unnamed official said on Thursday that the ban on import of coal Russia It will be the first EU ban on the energy industry of the United States. The restrictions will officially take effect from Friday. EU sanctions on coal could cost Russia ₹4.4 billion a year. Meanwhile, the European Union has also started imposing restrictions on oil imports.

The current French president of the European Council said on Thursday that the bloc had approved the latest sanctions. Committee of Permanent Representatives , that is, an organization consisting of representatives of the European Union (EU) from each member country. It has approved the fifth package of sanctions, including a ban on oil imports from Russia. However, the complete ban on coal has been extended till August. The European Union (EU) said in a statement that its decision to suspend imports of oil and coal from Russia comes at a time when it is being criticized for failing to do so. A ban on these items could hit Russia hard, and it took the EU 45 days to do so.

The package will be applicable from Friday

The package will be implemented only after it is published in the official EU Journal. This is expected to happen on Friday. In addition to banning coal imports from Russia, the European Union has also banned Russian wood and vodka. If implemented, it would be the first EU sanctions package targeting Moscow’s energy sector. While a complete ban on Russian fossil fuels is difficult, EU officials say it can be complied with if Moscow continues to attack Ukraine.

Got 120 days to explore options

Meanwhile, German Chancellor Olaf Schulz said it would take a full 120 days for the coal ban to be adopted. EU leaders agreed that the fifth package of sanctions would include a moratorium on coal and a 120-day deadline. So that member countries can find other options. Russia actually invaded Ukraine on 24 February. After which western countries started imposing various types of restrictions on it. But even so, Russia has launched fewer attacks. Therefore, the scope of restrictions imposed on it is also increasing continuously.