content_image_93f99657-d8f2-4ea9-8505-be4a6693c295New Delhi : Corona infection in the world is not taking its name to stop. Fortunately, there is no outbreak of corona in India yet, but there is still an outbreak of corona in other countries of the world. Every day 11 to 14 lakh new patients are appearing in the world. Every day around 4000 people are dying.

The worst situation is in South Korea. Where more than two lakh cases are being reported every day for the last four days. Corona’s cry is highest in the world in the last seven days

Here is a list of such countries

South Korea 16.83 million patients and 2151 deaths

11.36 million patients and 1780 deaths in Germany

9.34 million patients and 744 deaths in France

4.61 million patients and 876 deaths in Italy

Australia has 3.97 million patients and 171 deaths

3.90 lakh new patients and 240 deaths in Vietnam

3.27 million new patients and 446 deaths in Japan

3.08 million patients and 1331 deaths in the UK

1.98 new patients and 3308 deaths in the United States

South Korea has become the new hotspot of Corona. So far about 1.49 crore people have been infected with corona. At the same time, a new Xe variant of Corona has arrived in the world and this new variant is capable of transmitting 10 times more than the previous variant. Corona has so far infected 49.66 million people worldwide and 6.1 million people have lost their lives to this deadly virus. At present there are about 11000 corona active patients in India.