content_image_1f8bd214-b98b-41b0-a422-fc70fa736022Washington : In 2021, the number of Indian students in the United States increased by 12%. The official report said that the number of Chinese students in the US has dropped by more than eight percent. It is worth noting that the number of Chinese students is the largest among foreign students studying in America.

In the annual report released on Wednesday by the US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), it has been said that in 2021 the corona epidemic has affected the number of students coming to the US from abroad.

The number of active F-1 and M-1 students in 2021 was 13,8,8. Which according to the records of SEVIS (Students and Exchange Visitor Information System) is 1.6 percent less than the year 2020.

In 2031, 203 schools were allowed to admit international students. The number of these schools has decreased by 20 compared to 2030. F-1 and M-1 are two non-immigrant student visas. The J-1 is also a nonimmigrant student visa, but is mostly issued to scholars.

Compared to 2030, the number of Chinese students in the United States decreased by 4.5 in 2021. While the number of Indian students has increased by 2,31. 6% of the total Indian students are female students.

In 2021, China tops the list of foreign students studying in the United States with 2,6,8. India stood second with 4,9,51 students. In 2021, the United States had 4,6 from South Korea, 4,6 from Canada, 4,6 from Brazil, 4,6 from Vietnam, 4,600 from Saudi Arabia, 4,508 from Taiwan, 20,507 from Japan and 14,50 . from Mexico.