Bucha-2-1024x576There is a war between Russia and Ukraine. The Russian army is constantly targeting and destroying various cities in Ukraine. The United States, meanwhile, is upset over India’s decision to abstain from voting against Russia in the United Nations. A US Congress member on Thursday said he was disappointed with India’s decision to abstain from voting at the United Nations over Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. In an interview with CNN, Pennsylvania Republican Congressman Brian Fitzpatrick said countries that step on Russia should be held accountable. Let us tell you that a resolution has been passed in the United Nations General Assembly to exclude Russia from the Human Rights Council.

US expresses displeasure with India for not voting against Russia

Referring to his meeting with the Indian Ambassador, Republican Congressman Brian Fitzpatrick from Pennsylvania said, “I met Indian Ambassador Taranjit Singh Sandhu yesterday regarding his absence from the United Nations. We are very disappointed with this attitude of India. He called on other countries to hold Russia accountable for its role in Ukraine. It is necessary to hold Vladimir Putin and the Russian government accountable for this war by tightening sanctions.

58 countries including India avoided

Brian Fitzpatrick said that Ukraine desperately needs all the defensive equipment to counter the Russian attack, but we have not done so yet. Let us tell you that Russia has lost its membership in the Human Rights Council over the Buka massacre and the attack on Ukraine. 93 countries voted against Russia. That’s why 58 countries including India did not vote against Russia in the United Nations. Russia, on the other hand, has maintained that any photographs of the Buka massacre were being planned.