379491-ruwwwkkKyiv: The war between Russia and Ukraine that started on 24 February is not over yet. But in the meantime, a small missile has spoiled the condition of Russian soldiers. The American-made missile destroyed several Russian tanks and artillery fired by Ukrainian troops.

No one knows when the war between Russia and Ukraine will end. Many countries, including the United States, have imposed sanctions on Russia. But this has had no effect on the stubborn President Vladimir Putin. Everyone thinks that Ukraine is now doomed to lose in this war and that President Volodymyr Zelensky should lay down arms and comply with all the demands of Russia. Although on the one hand the emphasis is on disarmament of Ukraine, on the other hand Putin is being harassed by the fear of Ukraine.

What is J Factor?:
J stands for American Spear Missile. The United States has said that it will provide 10 million aid to Ukraine in the war. America has given spear weapons to Ukraine. The United States and NATO cannot fight Russia directly. That’s why he is strengthening Ukraine by giving him spear missiles. After the discovery of the weapon, Ukraine is once again in a strong position to target the Russian army.

Why is Putin afraid of the spear?:
The Ukrainian army has caused heavy damage to the Russian army with this missile. And many of their tanks have been destroyed. Military experts also believe that this lightweight but deadly US-made weapon has helped Ukrainian soldiers inflicting heavy damage on Russian tanks and artillery. Russian troops are advancing on Kyiv. At the same time, the Ukrainian army is increasingly using it. Ukrainian soldiers plotted the spear missile attack in such a way that the tank became a tomb for Russian soldiers. The way Ukrainian soldiers are using the Gelim missiles, it seems that the Russian troops invading Ukraine will be wiped out soon.

Why is Javelin Missile Special:
The Javelin is an American-made anti-tank missile. This missile is light in weight and can be operated on the shoulder. Its missile launcher weighs from 11 to 24 kg. This launcher also has day-night vision. The most important feature of the spear missile is that it follows the target and destroys it. This characteristic makes it one of the most dangerous land battles. There are two types of attacks with spear missiles. First of all shoot down a drone or low altitude warplane. The second is to target tanks or armored vehicles directly in ground combat.