Jerusalem – Two people have been confirmed dead in a gunfight in the Israeli city of Tel Aviv on Thursday. It is being told that eight people were seriously injured in the attack. So far 13 people have died in the firing in the last one month.



All four continue to be treated in critical condition

A Tel Aviv hospital official said two people were killed in the attack. Ambulance service Megan David Edom, who arrived at the scene after the incident, said they took six seriously injured people to the hospital. Witnesses present at the spot said that soon after the incident a large number of police forces reached the spot and started searching for the attackers.



Advice to people to stay indoors

A police officer told a TV channel that the attacker opened fire from close range and fled on foot. We are looking for a terrorist. He also instructed people to stay in their homes. Go out only when absolutely necessary and avoid going to the balcony of the house.



Search continues for terrorists

Television footage released after the incident showed police officers searching for the attacker on Digguff Street. Police is searching for the terrorist in every possible way. Helmavar is being searched by helicopter.