Presidential elections are to be held in France. Presidential candidate Marine Le Pen has said that if voted to power, he promises that Muslims will be fined for wearing the hijab in public. He says that the rules will be applicable in the same way as the car has to pay a fine for not wearing a seat belt. Candidates are vying for seats in France ahead of Sunday’s presidential election. Left-leaning presidential candidate Marine Le Pen announced on Thursday that those who wear the hijab in public will have to pay a fine if elected president.

Emanuel will give competition to Macron

It has been speculated that there is no one to compete with Emmanuel Macron in the presidential race, but Penn has campaigned aggressively and is now said to be giving Macron a run for his money. Speaking to a radio station, Le Pen said that just as seatbelts have been made mandatory in vehicles, so will the decision that Muslims will not wear the hijab in public places.

Le Pen said his laws could be constitutionally challenged as discriminatory and infringing on personal liberty. He will adopt the method of referendum to avoid such challenges. Religious symbols have already been banned in French schools. Full face masks are also prohibited in public places.

Le Pen, 53, used to give more speeches on immigrants in the last elections, but this year he has focused more on domestic issues. This is in stark contrast to Macron’s election strategy. Exit polls suggest Le Pen may not run against Macron in Sunday’s presidential election, the second phase of voting to be held on April 24. This time in the French elections, priority has been given to basic things like health, inflation, income etc. The Covid-19 war and the Ukraine war have had a devastating effect on the French economy, which has many worried.