Washington, April 8 (H.S.). After Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan alleged a foreign conspiracy to overthrow his government and the needles of suspicion turned to the US, the US has now accused Pakistani intelligence agency ISI of trying to breach the US President’s security. The US has also arrested two such people, who are said to be associated with ISI.

Recently, Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan in gestures accused the US of conspiring to overthrow his government. America had categorically denied any such conspiracy, but now after the American allegation on the ISI of breaching the security of the US President, it has become clear that everything is not going well between the two countries.

Making a big revelation about Pakistani intelligence agency Inter Services Intelligence (ISI), the US has busted the alleged ISI cell that tried to infiltrate the Secret Service responsible for the security of the US President. The US investigative agency FBI has arrested two people, Ariane Taherzadeh and Haider Ali, from Washington in this case. Presenting them in court, Assistant US Attorney Joshua Rothstein said that Haider Ali has admitted to the ISI. Ali has got several visas from Pakistan and Iran.

Taherzadeh and Ali are accused of falsifying their story with the US Department of Home Affairs in order to build relationships with members of the federal law enforcement and defense community. Four members of the Secret Service, who took advantage of his hoax, have been sent on leave pending the investigation.