New Delhi: Two men, one of whom had links with Pakistani intelligence and had visas to Pakistan and Iran, were arrested in Washington on charges of impersonating as federal agents. Haider Ali, 35, and Arian Taherzadeh, 40, were arrested on Wednesday for allegedly impersonating federal agents since 2020.

Both accusers posed as federal agents and gave free apartments and other gifts to US Secret Service agents, including one who worked on the first lady’s security details.


The two accused were arrested by the FBI from a luxury building in Washington that found paraphernalia, handguns and assault rifles used by federal law enforcement agencies.

During a court appearance on Thursday, the assistant US attorney said Ali said one of the accused was affiliated with the Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) agency in Pakistan and had multiple visas from Pakistan and Iran.


The lawyer said that the accused had earlier made several trips to the Middle East and his US travel records also show that he had traveled to Istanbul, Turkey and Doha in Qatar.

The two were discovered on March 14, when a US Postal Inspector responded to a DC apartment building for reports of an attack involving a US Postal Service letter carrier.

What did the accused do?


Tehrzadeh and Ali identified themselves as members of the Homeland Connect Security Unit, which they called the US Special Police Investigation Unit. Both accused were involved in investigations related to the undercover gang, and were also investigating the riots at the US Capitol last year.

held several apartments

According to the building’s residents, the two owned multiple apartments and claimed they were being paid for by DHS, had access to residents’ surveillance cameras, cell phones and other personal information.

Officers later learned that many of the buildings’ residents were in the FBI, Secret Service and DHS.

The two men also had surveillance equipment and a high-powered telescope, and the FBI found evidence that they may have been making surveillance equipment and a binder with information about all residents in the luxury apartment building.