Kyiv: Images of civilian bodies on the streets of Bucha sparked global outrage, with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky informing on Thursday (April 7, 2022) that the situation in the city of Borodyanka was “significantly more dire”.

Ukraine’s president said the situation was dire in Borodyanka, where the suspected killings of civilians by the Russian military have been widely condemned.


According to Ukrainian officials, 35 km northwest of the capital Kyiv More than 300 people were killed by the Russian army in Buka in 2011 and about 50 of them were executed.

Russia, on the other hand, denied targeting civilians and said the photographs of bodies in Buka were staged by the Ukrainian government to justify more sanctions against Moscow and derail peace talks.


Zelensky said in a video posted on the Telegram messaging service, “The work to clear the debris in Borodianka has begun … It’s quite terrible there. The Russian occupiers suffer even more.” The city of Borodyanka is about 25 km from Buka.

The killing of civilians in the city of Bucha has been widely condemned by the West as war crimes, pressing for tougher sanctions against Russia.


“And what will happen when the world finds out the whole truth that Russian army What did he do in Mariupol? Zelensky asked.

“There, on almost every street, the world saw Buka and other cities in the Kyiv region after the withdrawal of Russian troops.”

Earlier, Moscow claimed that one of its military operations was aimed at “liberating” largely Russian-speaking places such as the southern port of Mariupol from the threat of genocide by Ukrainian nationalists, who say they have shielded civilians from human shields. used as.

Zelensky dismissed those claims, saying they were a baseless excuse for an invasion of Russia.