Divorce decision around the world comes with a lot of difficulties for any couple. Those who stay with him for so long also have a bad effect on both sides. Not only this, it also affects their children. With this in mind, the UK has amended the divorce law to make divorce easier, known as no-fault divorce.

Under this law, any couple can claim for divorce if their marriage is dissolved and they can no longer live under any circumstances. Thus now there is no need for any pair to play the black game. In the last 50 years of divorce proceedings, the couple had to first prove their misconduct, five years of voluntary separation, two years of involuntary separation. The new law does not require all this to be proved.

Under this law, husband and wife who are unhappy with their marriage can divorce without blaming each other. After the new law, now divorce can be obtained in just 20 weeks. Also, when the spouses are not in a position to resolve, they can be given time to think about future solutions including children, financial matters and property. According to experts, now that divorce cases are increasing, marriages are also increasing.

The couple must say in court that they cannot live together
People in the UK no longer need to defame or accuse each other. It has a very bad effect on the children. If the new law does not allow two people to be emotionally together, they can be separated by mutual consent.