379516-gorakhpur-case-zeeGorakhnath: A big disclosure has come in the investigation of the attack on Gorakhnath temple. A new revelation has come in the investigation of UP ATS, in which accused Ahmed Murtaza Abbasi was designing a jihadi app named Jarima at the behest of terrorists. Punishment in Arabic means oppression. Whereas in this case now the honeytrap is coming out from a different angle.

Ahmed Murtaza Abbasi designed this Arabic language jihadist app to send messages through peer 2 peer app were exchanging. The purpose of the app is to connect people who want to follow the path of jihad or who feel that Muslims are being persecuted. Terrorists were helping Murtaza in this work.

After doing chemical engineering, Murtaza also did an app developer course. , Let us tell you that in the past, terrorists used to use Peer 2 Peer app to send their own secret messages. On the other hand, it has been told that Murtaza, who attacked the security guards of the temple, started his entire game with the mail of a girl from the ISIS camp. During interrogation of Murtaza, he confessed that he had transferred money in the account several times. He was also preparing to join the terrorist organization ISIS.

According to media reports, Murtaza was sent to the ISIS camp. A mail of a girl was found. He had sent a photo of himself to the girl and had also promised to come to India and meet her. Not only this, Murtaza also sent 40 thousand rupees to the girl. Talks started between the two through mail and thus Mortaza came in contact with ISIS terrorists. A report also said that he was going to Syria via Nepal.

Father is also being questioned
The ATS is also questioning Murtaza’s father. He described his son as a psychopath. However, after the medical examination of Murtaza, doctors have ruled out any such possibility. It is being said that immunological test will be done to ascertain the mental state of Murtaza. Last Sunday evening, Murtaza attacked the security personnel posted in the Gorakhnath temple with a deadly attack. Later he was arrested by the police. Uttar Pradesh ATS is investigating the matter.