Farrukhabad, April 08 (H.S.). In Nawabganj police station area, the kidnappers of the son are pressurizing the father to withdraw the case. The police is cooperating with the accused. In this case, the victim’s father has lodged a complaint with the SP.

The matter is of Hardua village of police station area. Where Rameshchandra’s son Anchal alias Gaurav (13) was kidnapped in the year 2017. The victim’s father had lodged a report against Ramveer, Sobran Singh, Nand Kishore Narendra Singh of the village in the police station Nawabganj. The then SHO met the accused and got a final report in the matter. The police ended the trial by challaning the accused under section 107/16. When the father of the kidnapped zone approached the higher authorities, a CBCID inquiry was initiated into the matter. The investigation of which was handed over to Kanpur CBCID. The accused tried to influence the investigation there also.

On the complaint of the victim Ramesh Chandra, the investigation was transferred to Agra CBCID. On which the opposition accused got confused. At present, this kidnapping case is being investigated from Agra. Victim Ramesh Chandra alleges that on March 30, the accused pressurized him to withdraw the case. When he refused, he became intent on beating. To create pressure, the police station called him to the police station and abused him. The police challaned the plaintiff of the kidnapping case in 107/16 and released him on bond. No action was taken against the accused.

Victim Ramesh Chandra says that he lodged a complaint with the SP about the matter. But no action was taken against the domineering accused. He has demanded the Chief Minister of the state Yogi Adityanath to punish the culprits involved in the kidnapping of the son.