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LUCKNOW, 08 APRIL (H.C.). Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath has given strict instructions to the officers not to run bulldozers on the slums and handcarts of the poor. He has said that bulldozers should be carried out only on mafia, black-earned properties of criminals and illegal encroachments. This order of the Chief Minister is especially for those officers who were reaching everywhere with bulldozers in order to increase their numbers.

Zero tolerance towards crime and criminals and sensitivity towards the poor has been the mantra of Yogi government for the last five years. In the second innings also, Chief Minister Yogi is working on the basis of this principle. While this government started implementing poor welfare schemes fast, on the other hand it is leaving no stone unturned to rein in the criminals. With the formation of the government, the action against the criminals has started.

The impact of the government is understandable from the fact that in the last fortnight, around 80 criminals have surrendered. There is a fear of government bulldozer among the mafia and illegal occupiers. In the context of this, Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath has given strict instructions to the officials that only professional mafia, criminals should be punished for demolition of illegal properties by bulldozers. Bulldozer will not work on a poor hut. The demolition work of illegally constructed buildings by mafia and criminals is going on in the state.

The Chief Minister has given clear instructions that bulldozers will not run on the poor’s shop, house or hut. Rather, this strict action should be taken only on the illegal property of the mafia. He has also said that swift action should be taken against those who encroach on the property of the poor. This order will ensure that no complaint is received on such action. The meaning is clear, if any officer harassed poor or common citizens with a bulldozer, then strict action will be taken against him.

It is noteworthy that the Chief Minister had to give such orders because some officers of the state were trying to run bulldozers on the poor in order to increase their numbers. Recently, the incident of a bulldozer running on a poor handcart in Ghaziabad had made headlines. After the order of the Chief Minister, now this will not happen in the state. Bulldozers will run on criminals only.