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LUCKNOW, 08 APRIL (H.C.). The youth associated with social work started making a small contribution to clean the air of Lucknow. For this, a campaign was launched with the gray ball reaching Lucknow from Brazil.

The Gray Ball was inaugurated to demand the creation of a national clean air strategy. This inauguration was first done in Lucknow and further it is to be operated in Varanasi to reach other metros. By the way, the gray ball has been imported from Brazil, which was kept as a symbol of the campaign against pollution there.

In Lucknow, social worker Ekta Shekhar and her team took it forward regarding pollution control and also organized an exhibition together. Artists of Fine Arts from Lucknow University, Shia PG College and other institutions exhibited their paintings integrating the problem, effect and solution of air pollution.

Ekta informed that the Central Government has run air pollution control program in 18 cities of Uttar Pradesh. According to the report of air pollution, the number of metros is more in the most polluted districts of the state. The purpose of setting up the Gray Ball is to connect the public to the National Clean Air Program and plan to comply.