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Shocking revelations made by Ahmed Murtaza, accused in the Gorakhpur case


The police have given a big statement regarding the attack on the security personnel of Gorakhnath temple. Police is interrogating accused Ahmed Murtaza Abbasi. Meanwhile, information has come out that the whole game started with Honey Trap. Murtaza Abbasi got an e-mail. The mail came in the name of a young woman from an ISIS camp.

Ahmed Murtaza Abbasi told in police interrogation that a young woman had promised to come to India by sending her photo. Not only this, Murtaza also sent 40 thousand rupees for help. This was followed by a conversation via email. After this Abbasi started preparing to join ISIS. He then started talking to ISIS members.

Abbasi told the police that he had transferred money thrice to the bank account mentioned by the girl. It is worth mentioning that now the father of accused Murtaza Ahmed Abbasi has been summoned by the UP ATS. His father Munir Ahmed Abbasi has been summoned to record his statement by sending a notice.

Attacker Ahmed Murtaza Abbasi, referring to CAA-NRC in interrogation, said, “This is what was going on in my mind, man thinks about him before doing any work, wrong with Muslims, so we thought that only now two ways. Brother could not sleep even in Nepal. What is not happening to Muslims in Karnataka also. All this made him angry, so he attacked.


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